Friday, April 28, 2006

Minneapolis Burning

The Red Star reports a France-like wave of arson across North Minneapolis; as if they don't have enough problems: "Rash of arson in North Minneapolis".

Worried investigators haven't found a link among more than a dozen fires in the past two weeks.
Arsonists are notoriously hard to catch. I would imagine more so in North Minneapolis, where most people are hunkered down in the evening to avoid the nightly barrage of stray bullets.

Sgt. Sean McKenna hasn't seen two weeks like this since he started investigating arsons in 1997.

Since April 13, there have been 13 arson fires in houses, apartment buildings, garages and vehicles in north Minneapolis. There were another eight fires in the area that were ruled accidental.

The 13 arsons in two weeks represent more than a third of the total for this year in north Minneapolis. Arsons have increased 27 percent citywide compared with the same time last year.
This is indicative of a culture of crime and lawlessness. The police already have their hands full with the ongoing violence, and now this.

Our friends David and Margaret at Our House blog detail their first hand experiences with Minneapolis criminals running amok here and here.

...All crimes, not just homicides seem to be on the increase in Minneapolis at the moment and the North Side is the epicenter. I don’t think that a bunch of new and refurbished theaters is going to do it, Mayor Rybak.
One wonders how long they will hold out!