Sunday, March 12, 2006

Have The Jails And Prisons Been Emptied?

One can only wonder what is happening in Minneapolis, as it becomes more evident that the criminals are running wild. Rambix wonders whether the gates to the jails and prisons have been left open, or whether other states are sending their most vile scum to our state's largest city, or whether criminals simply feel comfortable and safe plying their trade in Mayor Rybak's city.

Rambix further wonders whether Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar is doing her job, because there's little evidence of it.

In the latest offense to civilization, KARE 11 reports that a 14 year old girl was attacked by two animals in Minneapolis - stabbed for her shoes and cell phone:

A fourteen-year-old girl is recovering after a violent robbery in North Minneapolis. Authorities caught the suspects but say this robbery is just one in a recent rash of robberies citywide.
Does "recent rash" mean since the spring of 2005? The Minneapolis Uprising, robberies in particular, has been going on for almost a year.

According to Minneapolis police Sgt. Kathy Waite, "The victim reported that she was followed by individuals in the vehicle and these individuals jumped out of the vehicle and approached her. She was stabbed in the leg and the suspects took her tennis shoes and her cell phone."
When near-anarchy prevails, anything goes.

Waite says getting robbed on the street in Minneapolis for something as minimal as tennis shoes and a cell phone is not uncommon. She says, "Unfortunately we have had a string of robberies. recently. It's unknown at this time if this is related to those robberies. It happens on occasion unfortunately." Police now have someone to ask.
If "on occasion" means 434 robberies so far this year, then I'd hate to see "frequent" robberies.

Meanwhile, a Minneapolis vigil took place in response to the growing violence in the city. The locals recognize the that the warm weather or spring will bring more trouble:

North Minneapolis resident Marvin Brown knows the pattern.

As spring and summer arrive, an uptick of crime and violence on the city's North Side often follows the rise in temperatures, he said.

Which is why it was especially distressing for Brown and dozens of other community members to be bundled in coats and jackets Saturday afternoon as they held a vigil for the victim of a homicide Thursday, a 28-year-old father and Hurricane Katrina survivor.
The single Minneapolis City Council member who exhibits some common sense is Don Samuels. He understands the threat:

"There has to be outrage" over this violence, said Minneapolis City Council Member Don Samuels, who represents much of the city's North Side and helped organize the vigil.
What he doesn't understand, however, is that the vigils are useless. The way to stop the crime is crack down on the criminals, remove the magnets that draw felons to our state, and to institute polices that make the job of the police easier and more effective. In other words, give them freer rein to do their job without the second guessing and looking over their shoulders.

In the meantime, the Quagmire deepens.