Friday, March 03, 2006

It Takes An Army

WCCO Televison and website both have an updated on the scourge or armed robberies in Minneapolis, particularly the North Side: "Robbery task force dramatically cuts crime in one neighborhood".

A north Minneapolis neighborhood is breathing a little easier after police arrest some of those believed responsible for recent violent robberies.

A series of armed robberies late last year and earlier this year caused some residents of the Cleveland neighborhood to put their homes on the market. This north Minneapolis neighborhood - defined by Dowling Avenue on the north to Lowry Avenue on the south and from Penn Avenue in the east to Xerxes Avenue in the west - has historically been pretty quiet, but it saw a dramatic spike in holdups in a two month period that began at the end of 2005.
You've read much of that here, about the violence in the city since the spring of 2005. These folks have had enough; they're moving.

The televison report was particularly striking, as it showed a street full of "For Sale" signs. They also interviewed several residents (for those of you keeping track, they were all caucasion), who were clearly frightened, despite the task force.

In one night, in and around Sheridan and Thomas Avenues and 32nd, there were three holdups that resulted in two people being shot. Several other residents going about their business were also targeted that night.

It finally got so bad that police put together an armed robbery task force consisting of several undercover officers. Almost immediatley two arrests were made. A couple more soon followed. Police Lieutenant Mike Sauro called the task force, "very, very successful". He said their efforts essentially brought robberies in the affected area down to zero. But added, the task force that was scheduled to end earlier this week will stay in existence and move to other hot spots.

While residents of the Cleveland neighborhood welcome the news of a sharp decline in armed robberies, many remain on edge.
Would you know about this if you hadn't been reading Rambix? Where is all this news in the Red Star? Are the reporters and editors on vacation? Or don't they care about Minneapolis residents on the North Side?

Diane Carlson's son and several neighbors were victims of the thieves. She said she's so scared that she calls home before she arrives so her husband will put the garage door up so she can drive directly into the garage. He then watches her walk from the garage to the house.

Robert Ingalls has resorted to carrying a weapon, "I carry my handgun in my pocket." The 72-year-old Korean War Vet added, "would you believe I have to arm myself in my own neighborhood?"

Ingalls said he carries his pistol when he goes back and forth to the garage.
Is that any way to live? Apparently it is in Minneapolis.

And the warm weather is not even here yet.