Thursday, February 23, 2006

All Crime, All The Time

The past 24 hours have produced Minneapolis crime stories to such an extent that keeping up is almost unmanageable. This post will be a compilation of the highlights (or lowlights).

Is the Triumvirate of Triviality* paying attention?

Let's get right to it.

WCCO News reports on a stolen vehicle hit and run, with one killed (KvM: please add this to your daily body count): "Police: One Killed In Hit-And-Run With Stolen Car".

(WCCO) Minneapolis One person was killed and another was critically injured early Thursday when their car was struck by a stolen vehicle that ran a red light, police said.

The crash happened around 1:15 a.m. at East 26th Street and Park Avenue South in Minneapolis.

Police said two suspects in a stolen Infiniti were going west on 26th Street when they blew through a red light, hit a Geo Metro and continued to head north on Park Avenue.

The impact ripped the Geo Metro in half, and its occupants were thrown from their car, which started on fire.
Bad news all around. Narcissistic criminals who think of nothing beyond the wasted space they personally occupy cause the death of another innocent. What are the odds these rats have prior criminal histories with soft consequences? Just askin'.

A 27-year-old man died from injuries sustained in the accident. His name has not been released, pending the notification of his family. The other Geo occupant is in critical condition at Hennepin County Medical Center.

"I felt bad, even though I didn't know him but you know, it kind of hurt a little because you could tell he really needed help you know," a witness said.

Investigators said the victims were simply driving through South Minneapolis when the crash happened.
"Simply driving through South Minneapolis". You like that? Risky behavior, right R.T.?


Local media has updates on the hit-and-run death story. It turns out the victim was a good guy just minding his own business, and found himself in the wrong place (Minneapolis) at the wrong time (anytime).

Red Star: "Minneapolis crash kills a young husband, 'best guy'"

KARE 11 News: "Minneapolis man killed by hit and run driver"


Fox9 News reports more Minneapolis Block E violence, although the details are sketchy (KvM, please add this to your daily crime tally): "Block E Violence".

A spike in crime around Block E in Downtown Minneapolis. Cops say a teenage girl was raped inside a movie theatre. Police have a suspect in custody. In a different case.. a man was mugged at gunpoint. The gunman got away.
I reported on the rape earlier, but not the armed mugging.

Minneapolis: Bring your family!

Rolling along...

Another body turns up in someone's Minneapolis backyard (KvM, please add this to your daily Minneapolis body count): "Body in Mpls. backyard upsets neighbors". I'd be upset too:

A disturbing discovery in this morning on Minneapolis' near north side.

A man's body was found in a backyard at 30th Ave. N. and 4th St. just before 7 a.m.

Police don't know who the man is, or how he died, but neighbors say they think it's a drug-related murder.

Neighbors tell 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS that their neighborhood is filled with crime.

"Every night, every night," said neighbor Shirley Brown of crime in the neighborhood.
Just "every night" R.T. - great job with the weaving and all that stuff.

Here's the Police Press release dated 2/23/06:


At approximately 6:57 AM, Minneapolis Police responded to a report of “One Down” in the rear of 3033 North 4th Street. Arriving officers found the body of a male in the backyard of the address.

Members of the Minneapolis Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division have begun their investigation as to the cause of the death of the male.

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner will release the identity of the male, as well as the cause of death, at the appropriate time.
Sadly, folks, there's still more, from another 2/23/06 Minneapolis Police press release (KvM, you know the drill):

Last night there was a robbery of person at 40th and Bryant. The victim was walking when 4 black male suspects approached and hit and pushed the victim to the ground. Victim was then robbed.

Officers set up a perimeter and were able to arrest one of the 4 suspects. The arrested party gave a St Paul address.

No further information at this time.
I'm seeking clarification on whether this was on the north side or south side. If on the South Side, it's a nice neighborhood, and particularly symbolic of the decline of Minneapolis .

That's all for now. Sleep well.

*Triumvirate of Triviality: Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar, Minneapolis MAyor R.T. Rybak, and Minneapolis Police chief William McManus.