Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What does a criminal look like?

We all probably have stereotypical images of criminals in our heads. Maybe the images have to do with clothing, race, attitude, and so on. And let's face it, sometimes stereotypes really do have an element of truth to them.

Does a criminal look like this?

Sometimes the image you'd least anticipate can be the image of a criminal, as KSTP News reports: "Man beat wife in Minneapolis skyway ".

A Dellwood man has been arrested after surveillance video captured him choking his wife inside the Minneapolis Skyway.

Garry Sill was seen pushing over his wife and choking her in the skyway at 13 th and Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis.

Video shows the 61-year-old Sill attacking his wife and trying to choke her as the couple fell to the ground. The incident happened on Feb. 11 th, as the couple walked toward the Millennium Hotel.
Here's a couple from Dellwood, a wealthy suburb of Minneapolis near swanky Lake Minnetonka, MN, where the average household income is $129,136, and the median house value (from 2000) is $416,000. It's 97.7% white. 23.9% have graduate degrees. In other words, this is one exclusive city.

Is this where criminals come from? Not typically, but they can, and they do - maybe not some street thug, but someone who tried to choke his wife in a violent manner.

Isn't he just as much a criminal as the street punk who's looking for some stranger to beat on?

Sill’s neighbors describe the couple as friendly and say his behavior is out of character.

"They're good neighbors, they play with our kids, nothing but positive," says neighbor Matt Geiger.

Julie Geiger agrees. “They're very nice people,” she says. “Mrs. Sill is always nice to our kids and there's never been any problems."
Just the guy next door. Who beat his wife. On camera.

Minneapolis police arrested Sill and prosecutors have charged him with Felony Domestic Assault by Strangulation.

According to the criminal complaint, Sill not only held his wife down and choked her, but pulled her up by her arm and hit her in the back of the head.

Sill told investigators that he sometimes reaches his limits and just reacts.

He could face up to 18 months in prison.
That's a problem. It's hard to keep up your expensive lifestyle from prison.

[image courtesy of Kstp News]