Monday, February 27, 2006

Parent Killing Teen Pleads Guilty

For some reason the name "Matthew Niedere" is very high, if not the highest, search engine term that brings people to this site. Rambix wrote about the patricide case here and here.

Today Matthew Niedere pled guilty in court to killing his parents: "Teen pleads guilty to killing parents".

Matthew Niedere didn't say why he was angry at his parents, but in court Monday he admitted as part of a plea deal to killing them in their auto glass shop here in October.

In Dakota County District Court, Niedere, 18, said that his best friend had suggested a plan to shoot Niedere's parents, Peter and Patricia.

When asked why by his own attorney, Niedere said, "I was angry at them. I don't know."

Niedere pleaded guilty to two counts of abetting first-degree while attempting to commit aggravated robbery.

Prosecutor Philip Prokopowicz said the bargain called for Niedere to serve two concurrent sentences of at least 30 years before he is eligible for parole.
Why, may I ask, is Mr. Niedere possibly going to get out of prison one day? This was premeditated, cold-blooded murder.

Prokopowicz said other charges against Niedere will be dropped when he is sentenced March 15. One is a premeditated murder charge that carries a sentence of life in prison without parole.
There should be an outcry over allowing this evil person to plead to lesser charges. What dishonorable treatment of hisdead parent's memories.

Niedere testified that when he and Keister went to the parents' business, Niedere shot his father and wounded his mother. Keister then killed Patricia Niedere with a shotgun blast, Matthew Niedere testified.
Imagine the horror and the destruction caused by that shotgun blast. And the perpetrators might be free one day?

It shocks the conscience.

The Red Star also reports: "Hastings son, friend plead guilty to killing of parents".

"This was a shocking crime which took the lives of two pillars of the Hastings community. It is hard to comprehend two teenagers being involved in a crime of this magnitude," Backstrom said.

Backstrom also said the physical evidence at the scene indicated Patricia Niedere, after being shot and going outside her business to call for help, went back in, in an attempt to help her fatally-shot husband. He said it appeared she was trying to pull her husband's body out a side door when she was shot in the head with a shotgun fired by Keister.

Backstrom said that Keister and Niedere in their testimony today minimized their role in Patty Niedere's death. She was shot several times by her son with a pistol, but they were not serious wounds, Backstrum said. Keister said in court today that she was lying on the floor and he thought she was already, or nearly dead, before he shot her.
May God help us when these animals are free one day.