Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bonnie and Clyde in Minneapolis?

In a very under-reported story, it seems that a bullet-riddled car crashed at the intersection of W. Broadway and Logan Aves. N. in Minneapolis. There was also a shooting victim, but details are scarce. KSTP is the only news outlet currently reporting the story.

Here's the vehicle:

There's not even a specific link for the story, per se, only a brief mention here, on the main page of KSTP's web site.

Police find bullet-riddled car, victim

Several bullets hit a car that then slammed into a building early this morning in north Minneapolis. Police got the call around 2:30 a.m. They found a car smashed up, with bullet holes in the driver's side at the intersection of W. Broadway and Logan Aves. N. Officers were then called to Ilian Ave. N. where they found the victim of a shooting. No word on that person's condition.
So now it's Bonnie and Clyde time in Minneapolis.

And in other news, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak "shares his vision" for...ending the crime wave? No. For "Minneapolis growth".

Wouldn't it help a city to grow if you cracked down on crime?

Here's one of R.T's ideas:

Make streets like Washington Avenue into destinations. "Who in this room has ever said, 'You can't leave town without walking down Washington Avenue?' " he asked to laughs. His first assignment for design teams of volunteer architects will be to "develop a grand vision" for a redesigned Washington Boulevard.

That's an interesting question, R.T.

I'll give you someone who "can't leave town without walking down Washington Avenue": Thomas Dahl. Except that when he did so he was beaten to death, and left Washington Avenue in a hearse.

Remember him, R.T.? From the 11/5/05 Rambix post:

Police continued to seek suspects in the beating of a 35-year-old Minneapolis man who died Saturday of his injuries. Officers found Thomas Dahl lying injured about 1:15 a.m. Thursday near Washington and 12th Avenues N., northwest of the Minneapolis Warehouse District. He had been downtown with co-workers Wednesday night. After they headed home, he went to get a cab.

Mr. Dahl was just enjoying Washington Ave and your fine city. And now he's dead. And he left behind a wife and two young children.

So where in your grandiose scheme is your plan to suppress the violent crime plaguing your city? Maybe we'd take you seriously if you actually addressed the problem. Even a little bit.

Keep Mr. Dahl in mind as you develop your plans, R.T.