Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Failed Robber Meets Squishy Judge

I'll expound in detail on Hennepin County Judge Kevin Burke in the future as time permits, but for now I'd like the record to state that he is one of the most liberal, squishy judges ever to haunt the County of Hennepin Bench. Accountability is a foreign concept in his sentencing decisions. Punishment is not part of his lexicon.

The Minneapolis Police have issued an email update dated 2/28/06 with Judge Burke's latest folly. To wit:

The Pump and Munch Robber has been identified. This robbery occurred on 01/15/06. He has been identified as Robert Jorge, DOB, 3-30-1981. He had been convicted of a prior Aggravated Robbery, that occurred 8-15-05 at Payless Shoe Store at 3047 Nicollet Av S. On that charge, he served 46 days awaiting sentencing. Hennepin County Judge Kevin Burke sentenced him to 21 months and then “stayed” the sentence, placing this individual on probation.

Robert Jorge has lived in the Lyndale neighborhood in the past.

Robert Jorge has had numerous contacts with the Minneapolis Police Department, including arrests for;

No Drivers License
False Information to a Police Officer
Domestic Assault 5
Theft (shoplifting)
Robbery of Business (Payless Shoes)
Robbery of Business (Pump and Munch)

We would appreciate your help in submitting Impact Statements on this individual. Impact Statements can be submitted to me and I will forward them on to the appropriate County Attorney.
Judge Burke stayed the sentence for what appears to be a career criminal? And of course he's out again, committing robbery and who knows what else.

When will these judges learn that the public demands that criminals pay for their crimes?

More later. Meanwhile, here's our criminal: