Monday, March 06, 2006

The Smartest People Ever

The Minneapolis city leaders finally took note of Chief McManus' steller performance, and appear to be on the verge of signing him up for 3 more years, as reported by KARE 11 News: "Minneapolis leaders intend to keep McManus".

Minneapolis city leaders appear ready to offer the chief of police another three year contract.

Minneapolis police chief William McManus, interviewed for the top police job in San Antonio, Texas last week and he's one of the eight finalists for the job.

This week, he's likely to get an offer from the Mayor to extend his stay in Minneapolis.
And why not? There's nowhere to go but up!

City council President Barb Johnson did weigh in on the chief's contract saying, "I'm really satisfied with his work here. I think he's really just hitting his stride I think it would be smart for us to keep him here."
There certainly is a segment of the city that wants Chief McManus to stay, although I'm not sure it's the segment we want. Let's just say things have been pretty good for those of alternative means of support in the City of Minneapolis.

Johnson said she spoke with McManus before he traveled to San Antonio for the interview, "I think he (McManus)really would like to stay here. It's hard when you've relocated your family and he has young children, the kids are in school that sort of thing, it's disruptive to try and move to another city."

"I think we have a chance to try and keep him here," said the hopeful council president.
Hopefully his kids aren't in one of the Minneapolis government schools.

So, is anyone surprised at this development? Nah.