Thursday, March 09, 2006

Minneapolis Robbery Spree Confirmed - The Quagmire Deepens

As if on cue, the robbery spree tipped to Rambix and the Red Star by reader The Watcher in the Cleveland neighborhood of Minneapolis is confirmed by KSTP News: "Teens go on robbery spree in Minneapolis".

Minneapolis Police are combing the streets tonight searching for three teenage criminals that they say went on a robbery spree Tuesday evening in Minneapolis.

Investigators tell 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS that last night in north Minneapolis the boys carjacked one man, then picked people at random, and robbed them at gunpoint in the Cleveland neighborhood.
Have we heard from Mayor Rybak yet? Has Amy Klobuchar apologized for letting random crime grow out of control in Minneapolis? How's that job search going, Chief McManus?

Perhaps the victims were engaged in "high risk" activity?

Between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m., the teens robbed six people.

One woman, who wanted us to protect her identity, says the teens approached her when she and a friend walked out of her home.

"The one in the back was holding the gun," she said. "We were really scared out of our minds. It’s fear at a level that I’ve never experienced before," she said.
Doesn't sound like high risk activity to me.

Ma'am, I'm sorry you have to experience that level of fear. Your leaders don't seem to care, but know that others of us do.

"It’s unusual that someone would do the amount of robberies that they did in such a short amount of time," said Lt. Mike Fossum, of the Minneapolis Police Department.
Not in Minneapolis.

Unlike liberals (see quote on sidebar), I'm not going to be sad. Instead I'm going to be more angry. I'm going to be angry that normal people who just want to get through their day in Minneapolis have to live in fear. I'm angry at ineffective liberal "leaders" who can't get the job done. I'm angry that most of the MSM ignores the problem.

And I'm going to continue spreading the truth.