Friday, March 10, 2006

The Minneapolis Intifada Rages On

A story documented in Rambix' previous post on the Minneapolis murder of the Katrina survivor is picking up momentum in the MSM. KARE 11 reports further details, but this quote in particular should be a wakeup call for Mayor Rybak:

Stepsister Dionne Hollins said it just didn't seem right to have survived such horror and, "if he could make it out of a storm with three children why couldn't he have made it here."

Owens said she always thought of Minnesota as a safe place but now she doesn't know what to think. The area Paul was shot and killed in on Thursday is within two blocks of where three others have been murdered in the past three months.
May this young father of five who was looking for sanctuary in Minneapolis rest in peace.

In other bad news for Minneapolis, the thieves are running wild, as WCCO News reports: "Police: Auto Thefts Up In Minneapolis".

(WCCO) Minneapolis A crime alert has been issued for residents in Minneapolis' Lowry Hill East and Whittier communities.

In the past 11 days, 18 thefts have been reported from vehicles in those two neighborhoods.
Like violent crime, property crimes are jumping in the city:

Minneapolis Police have also seen a big spike in car thefts this year. Last week alone, 109 cars were stolen.
One week!

Every insurance policyholder is paying for those thefts. The penalties for auto theft are light and non-consequential. Why should that be, given the high cost of vehicles? Auto theft should be an automatic felony, and should be investigated vigorously, if for no other reason than many stolen vehicles are used in other crimes.

Andy Aplikowski of Kennedy vs. The Machine lays out some shocking statistics for Minneapolis:

Amy Klobuchar’s Minneapolis is devolving into mayhem as Gary pointed out earlier. At least that’s what the 4018 people who have already reported crimes in the first 59 days of this year would likely call it.

Protecting ‘the rights and safety of people in Hennepin County’?***

Tell that to the: 7 victims of Murder; 73 victims of rape; 336 victims of Assault; 434 victims of Roberies; 771 victims of Burglaries so far this year.
(Source: Minneapolis Police Department)
Clearly the Mayor, the Chief, and especially Senator wanna-be Amy Klobuchar are not in control of the criminals.

The Quagmire deepens.