Friday, March 10, 2006

Minneapolis Killed Him When Katrina Couldn't

The Red Star reports reports today further details about yesterday's murder in Minneapolis: "Katrina survivor shot and killed in Minneapolis".

He survived Katrina, he survived the horrors of the Superdome, and he survived his journey with his family to a new city.

But he couldn't survive Minneapolis.

Melvin D. Paul Jr. survived Hurricane Katrina and the resulting flood, two days at the crowded Superdome and a bus trip to the Twin Cities with three of his children in tow. But the New Orleans native was shot to death Thursday afternoon while riding in a car that later crashed in north Minneapolis.
Mr. Paul Jr., as Mayor Rybak would have us believe, was engaged in high risk behavior:

Owens [stepsister] said Paul may have been in north Minneapolis to help a cousin move into her new house or to visit a friend.
High risk, indeed.

Minneapolis thugs ripped a father out of the lives of five children. They took the life of a man looking to make a new start in a state much unlike his native home in New Orleans. They did it quickly and brutally.

"Everyone loved him," Owens said. "He'd do anything you'd ask him to do."
The irony is that New Orleans is known for crime and violence. Is Minneapolis on it's way to the same?