Thursday, May 04, 2006

Who Owns The City? Criminal Gangs Run Wild In Minneapolis

Recently I've been documenting the ongoing destruction caused by criminal gangs in Minneapolis. In the last several days there have been two murders - ostensibly gang related, a University of Minnesota student robbed and beaten on campus, and several robberies near Hamline College in St. Paul by groups of armed thugs.

We've allowed the criminal element to metastasize and fester among us and we're paying the price. From KSTP Eyewitness News:

"We're under siege by terrorists in our own neighborhood," said a woman who witnessed the murder. "Rybak and Pawlenty need to get off their butts and do something now. If we can build a stadium, we can curb crime."
No, the Governor of Minnesota is not in charge of Minneapolis.

Granted, he has an interest in the outcome, as Minneapolis is the state's largest city, but you're misdirecting your anger, unidentified woman. Save your bile for the good mayor and the do-nothing city council. If the governor wants to send in the National Guard, then that's ok. But the responsibility falls on city leaders.

And yes, you are under siege by terrorists. You need to fight them accordingly.

"Our citizens are frightened," said Council Member Barb Johnson. "People should see a dramatic increase in the police presence in their communities. These gangbangers are intimidating us, we need to intimidate them."
Councilmember Schiff wants to show them some love. How about let's show them some high caliber, high velocity love.

Meanwhile, the University of Minnesota is on high alert for what the University Police describe as "possible Somalian" gangs:


* * * Robbery of Person * * *

Two (2) incidents of robbery have occurred on the West Bank in the past two weeks. In each case, a lone female victim noticed a group of 3-4 males standing nearby or following them outside of West Bank buildings. One male approaches demanding property, attempts to take property, or uses physical force to take property.

In one case, the suspect attempted to take a purse; in the other, an Ipod was taken from the victim’s sweatshirt pocket. There has been no mention of weapons.

(CCN UM 06-111357 and UM 06-103995)

The suspects are described as:

􀀹 Three to four males, possibly Somalian, approximately 14-18 years old.
􀀹 The latest incident has the suspects wearing dark clothing and baseball caps.

Suggested Safety Tips:

􀀹 Increase your awareness of your surroundings.
􀀹 Report suspicious activity immediately.
􀀹 Use the University of Minnesota’s Student Monitor Program escort service. This service is available 24/7 at 624-WALK (9255).

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Contact the University of Minnesota Police (612) 624-3550 or 911 for Emergencies Jim Nystrom, University of Minnesota Police / Community Investigations, 612-626-4419,
Here's some very intriguing video captures of the criminals from the Univ. of Minnesota Police website: