Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Another Robbery Alert At Hamline University

St. Paul's Hamline College, a bastion of urban liberalism, has been plagued this year by robberies and assaults on or near campus. For some reason the alerts are issued by Macalester College and can be found here.

Here's the latest alert, which details an attempted robbery. A student was accosted by a thug who said he was armed with a knife. The suspect is a black male, 20-30 years old, 5'5" to 5'8", thin build, clean shaven, and dreadlocks. He was wearing dark clothing with a Yankees cap.

There are more details below, although due to the formatting they use, it's hard to read. In the interest of public safety, however, it's important to get the suspect information out.

Meanwhile, the St. Paul police want nothing to do with the Minneapolis insurgents spilling over into their territory:

[St. Paul] Police Chief John Harrington said the additional patrols, detective shifts and other activities are also in part a response to police activity in Minneapolis, where several high-profile crimes have spotlighted what police say is an alarming growth in the presence of illegal guns in the Twin Cities.

"We've seen some increases in shots fired and we've seen some increases in guns we're taking off the street…" Harrington said. "That bodes very badly, especially in light of Minneapolis. We want to be proactive, as they are getting ready to rachet up crime control in north Minneapolis and south Minneapolis and downtown, [so] that we don't end up inheriting their problem children."
Is it time for a security fence on the borders of Minneapolis?