Wednesday, May 03, 2006

University Of Minnesota Police: Robberies Up Significantly

Crime is exploding in Minneapolis today, so let's get started.

I've posted exhaustively on the violence encroaching on the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis campus, as regular readers will know. Now the University of Minnesota Police are publicizing their concerns, per the oft reliable KSTP News: "'U' police say robberies up significantly".

University of Minnesota police say the number of robberies on or near campus has increased considerably in the past year.

At this time last year, the area saw 58 robberies. That number has increased to 85 this year.
I did previously report on the most recent crime here, and what follows is the KSTP version:

The most recent robbery occurred Sunday evening, near 12 th Ave. SE, between 4 th St. and University Ave. SE.

Jose Salgado-Gaxiola said he had just parked his car when two men robbed him.

"I was not even ten steps away from my car and I heard running and I turned and that's when I felt the rock on the side,” Salgado-Gaxiola said.

He was knocked to the ground and robbed of his wallet and iPod.

"I got hit right here and that's where I got 13 stitches,” Salgado-Gaxiola said, pointing to his injuries. “I've got some pain in the ear and it's really swollen and purple.”
Here's a photo of the victim, courtesy of KSTP:

The savages have stolen our city, and we want it back.

Steve Johnson of the University of Minnesota Police Department says they are concerned about the crime.

"This is a very violent attack, we're very concerned about people actually physically assaulting people like this, and we'd like to get this stopped,” he said.