Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Murder In Rambix Reader's Back Yard - It Defies Belief

This just in from Rambix reader and intelligent commenter McGruv:

Wednesday, May 03, 2006 9:53 PM
Hey Rambix,

I've been following your blog on Mpls. crime for a couple of months and have even posted a few comments as 'mcgruv'. I'm emailing to let you know that a gangbanger was just shot in the back in my yard on the northside about 3 hours ago. You'll see it on channel 5 tonight as they've been around all night. I have two small children and they could have easily been playing in the yard when it happened. Thank God I happened to be inside giving them a bath when it happened. I moved into this neighborhood from Uptown just 6 weeks ago.

I just wanted to comment on the irony of the situation. I had already come to share your disgust with the crime problem in the murder has literally happened in my backyard. Even though I'm on the notorious northside, this part of it has statistically and historically been pretty safe-that's why I bought a house here. The detectives and police agree with me on the 'hood's relative safety as we've been talking a lot today. They also agree that the main problems are: 1.Not enough officers and 2.Revolving door courts.

Just another example of another heinous crime in an uncharacteristic place this year.

Some background: while 95-99% of the area is populated by decent people, one particular house across the street has been a nuisance.(for years according to my neighbors). They regularly gather outside at all hours, blast their car stereos, leave garbage and broken bottles on the street, etc. General disrespect for the area and the people in it. Certainly, it was a matter of time before something happened. But this is quite extreme. I believe the guy who got shot (several times in the back) was a cousin of theirs visiting from Chicago or something. Another slice of life these days in Murderapolis. Keep on keeping the public informed!

p.s. If you share this info. on the blob (probably should) please leave my real name out of it. I declined interviews today to protect my family. I'm sure you would anyway but I'm just checking. -Peace...and Justice!
Thanks for taking the time to write while they're dragging the body out of your yard.

I'm glad you and your family are safe.