Thursday, March 16, 2006

Police: "Wilding" in Minneapolis

Many of you may remember the "wilding" phenomenon, which started in 1989 with the New York Central Park jogger case, in which a gang of animals attacked, raped, and left a lone female jogger for dead. There were subsequent copycat incidents, but none had quite the visceral impact of the "original". Fortunately, wilding went out of favor somewhere in the mid-90s, only to be replaced by the major increases in general crime, particularly gang crime.

It was during the violent 1990s that Minneapolis earned the moniker "Murderapolis".

Now that it's 2006, is wilding back? The police think so, at least in a (hopefully) isolated case:

Cleveland, Folwell, Jordan, Near North, and Willard Hay Neighborhoods (3-8-2006)

Crime Alerts Home

Fourth Precinct - Sector 2 and Sector 3 March 8, 2006

(Cleveland, Folwell, Jordan, Near North, and Willard Hay Neighborhoods)


On the evening of March 7, a group of young men engaged in several criminal activities in the neighborhoods of Willard Hay, Near North, Cleveland, Folwell and Jordan. These criminal acts occurred between the hours of 6:30 p.m. and 12:30 a.m.

These young men carjacked an individual, attempted to carjack another individual, hit her vehicle and left the scene, robbed two individuals, attempted to rob two others and stole a vehicle. During this "wilding spree," these young men also shot at another vehicle. The robbers displayed weapons in all of these criminal acts. One victim was told "Let everyone know that you've just been robbed by the Jump Out Boys."

Suspect information:

These young men have been riding around looking for victims to rob and assault. Their approach is to drive slowly through neighborhoods and "jump out" when they see people sitting in parked cars, walking alone in alleys or on the street. There are always 2-3 young men involved. One may be standing on the corner as a "lookout." The others commit the assault. The young men have been described as being 15 to mid twenties in age. They have all worn the same or similar clothing.
You really have to feel sorry to some extent for people who have chosen to remain in Minneapolis. The city is dysfunctional to the core. The liberals in charge are basically the gang that can't shoot straight. The Hennepin County Attorney is busy on her campaign while the criminals are running wild. The police chief fled the state, for cryin' out loud.

What a mess.

Oh, and there's a crime wave of burglaries in South/Southwest Minneapolis going on, according to a Minneapolis Police SAFE Unit Alert:

Since March 6, 2006 there have been 16 Burglaries in the CARAG, Lyndale and Kingfield neighborhoods mainly.

11 of these were to Garages.

1 to an Apartment unit

4 to Houses

3 of these were Attempted break-ins and entry was not actually made

2 had Unlocked Doors

11 had the Doors forced or pried open

3 had broken windows

DATE Street Time Reported

3-6-06 35xx Bryant Av S 12pm

3-7-06 34xx Harriet Av S 8:30am

3-9-06 42xx Pleasant Av S 5:30pm

3-10-06 41xx Pleasant Av S 2:30am

3-10-06 32xx Bryant Av S 6:00pm

3-10-06 42xx Harriet Av S 7:00pm

3-10-06 39xx Harriet Av S 11:00pm

3-10-06 42xx Harriet Av S 10:00pm

3-11-06 36xx Pleasant Av S 6:00pm

3-11-06 38xx Pleasant Av S 7:00pm

3-12-06 38xx Harriet Av S 1:00am

3-12-06 39xx Garfield Av S 10:30pm

3-12-06 35xx Pleasant Av S 8:00pm

3-12-06 34xx Grand Av S 8:00pm

3-13-06 33xx Harriet Av S 10:22pm

3-13-06 39XX Garfield Av S 6:00pm