Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Bicyclist Shot In Minneapolis

Fox 9 News just reported the story of the University of Minnesota student who was shot while on her way to school on a bicycle. Here's some paraphrased quotes from the reporter and persons interviewed in the newscast:

Reporter: "This area (Powderhorn Park) has had five reported shootings in the last 24 hours."

Woman: "I don't feel safe here anymore."

City Councilmember Schiff: "This is completely unacceptable that people don't feel safe riding their bicycles in this city."

Minneapolis Police Spokesman Ron Reier (he of the key defense) was interviewed; he blamed too many guns in the city. As if the guns lept from their resting places and fired themselves at people.

Kare 11 News reports on the shooting: "Minneapolis bicyclist wounded by apparently random gun shot".

A woman bicycling down Bloomington Avenue South in Minneapolis was shot in the leg about 10 o'clock Wednesday morning.
Officers descended on a particular house, but no shooter or guns were found. Arrests were made.

At a house mid block one officer thought he saw an armed occupant inside so he and other officers quickly retreated and took cover. As more officers with guns drawn circled the home, other officers ordered residents across the street to leave their homes.

One of those residents, Christina Knudsen, said she'd heard an unusual noise about twenty minutes earlier and after realizing what happened Knudsen said "I heard a noise didn't think anything of it thought kids were playing with fireworks."

Soon one by one occupants of the house emerged with their hands up. They were ordered to lie face down in the street until police were certain there was no one else was in the house. In all four people were handcuffed and taken to police headquarters and questioned about the shooting.

Then a SWAT team arrived and entered the house, going room to room looking for people or weapons. They found neither. But police were going to get a search warrant and do a more thorough search for guns.
There is a culture of anarchy in Minneapolis, folks, where criminals feel free to ply their trade. They clearly aren't getting slapped down by the courts, and the police are doing their best, but they can't control the catch and release judges.

Will some news reporter with resources please investigate where these thugs are coming from, and find out the reason why they've come to Minneapolis? Please don't tell me they're all homegrown - I'm not buying it.