Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Red Star Distorts Crime Numbers?

Empirically we know that the Red Star has been masterful at distorting and twisting facts to fit their agenda, and high on their agenda list is protecting their den of liberalism, Minneapolis.

So when the FBI releases figures stating that violent crime in Minneapolis has increased 35% from 2004, what does the Red Star do? It prints a large, page 1 (deadtree edition) graphic using not the FBI figure, but the much, much lower figure released by the Minneapolis Police: 15%. (Here's the web link for the story, but there is no graphic).

The Red Star's graphic shows that Minneapolis compares favorably with other cities such as Cincinnatti, Charlotte/Mecklenburg, and Sacramento in the amount of crime increase. However, if the Red Star used the Minneapolis Police number for the graphic (showing 15%), from what source did they use the numbers for the other cities? Well, the sources listed are: FBI, Minneapolis police.

So the Red Star trusted the FBI numbers for the comparison cities, but not for Minneapolis?

The result is a distortion of reality, making the Minneapolis crime increase appear to be middle of the pack. In reality, Minneapolis' increase in crime vastly exceeds that of the cities that were compared in the graphic.

That, my friends, is disingenuous.

Shame on the Red Star.