Monday, June 12, 2006

Savages Attack Teen Girls On Minneapolis Bus

As if from an old Mad Max movie, violence in Minneapolis now resembles a sort of wanton otherworldly anarchy. In other words, just about anything goes.

Yesterday it was a high school graduation shooting and today it's a bus mob attack on two young girls, according to KSTP Eyewitness News: "Mob attacks teen girls on Minneapolis bus".

Two 14-year-old girls say they were attacked on a Metro Transit bus in North Minneapolis Saturday night, and that one of the suspects later shot out the windows of one of their mother’s car.

Ciba Jones and Shantel Pope were returning home from a movie, when they say a gang of about 30 people attacked them.

"I wasn't going to let 30 people just hit me, I was fighting back,” said Jones.

Shantel Pope’s mother, Latasha, says the attackers hit her daughter with a pad lock and dragged her off the bus by her hair.
We've already established that criminals in Minneapolis will kill you for nothing, so you have to fight back. Young Ciba Jones knew what had to be done and did it. Her bravery in fighting back is admirable.

According to the story, perhaps as many as 25 of the feral beasts, unidentified by race or any other description, are still on the loose.

Pope is upset police arrested only five of the suspects.

"We said, ‘Why aren't you going to arrest everybody?’” Pope wonders. “And they said, because they didn't want to start a riot."

Pope’s minivan was later shot several times, and she believes one of the people who attacked her daughter is responsible.

Minneapolis police are still trying to determine if the two crimes are connected, and defend the arrests they made after the bus fight.

"The officers detained the bus, the people on the bus, and they felt that they had the five people involved in the incident,” says spokesman Ron Reier.
Is this approach part of "The Plan"?

When will the citizens of Minneapolis, like young Ciba and Shantel, be able to conduct high risk activities such as riding the city bus without fear of assault? When will "The Plan" take effect?