Monday, March 20, 2006

More Updates On The Uptown Minneapolis Violence

The Red Star shamefully put their account of Saturday night's Uptown Shooting on the inside of the "B" section, and still did not use any suspect descriptions. This should have been a front page story, above the fold. Contact the Red Star, and ask them why they're downplaying this story.

Chad The Elder from Fraters Libertas has an insightful commentary on the impact of this crime:
This could be the tipping point in the recent crime wave that is sweeping over the city of Minneapolis. In the last few years, Downtown Minneapolis has slowly but surely been lost. At night, even on the busiest streets, you don't feel safe. The police presence is spotty at best and you can walk for blocks on a Saturday evening and see nary a cop. It's not exactly an inviting atmosphere.

Before you dismiss my fears as merely suburban paranoia about the "big city", consider that I've lived in the Twin Cities almost my entire life and I've often enjoyed frequenting Downtown Minneapolis. Presently, I live a mere ten minutes from Downtown and love the vitality and energy of the city. But something has changed in the last five years. And it's not a change for the good.
KARE 11 News has posted chilling details:

...Ronald Barry's apartment window was just 60 feet from the scene.
"I was watching TV and I heard the shots and lady screaming," Barry says. "I called 911 and ran to their aid, and there was obviously nothing I could do for the guy. It was a horrible sight."
These were just some visitors to Uptown Minneapolis, out for a meal. Mayor Rybak would call this "high risk" behavior.

"I heard a pop, pop, and a lady went, 'Oh no!'" says one witness who didn't wish to be identified.

The suspects escaped, possible in a white car, police say. Police do not have a detailed description of the suspects.

Police say the victim had critical injuries. Barry thinks he was shot in the head.

"It was very brutal and it was uncalled for," he says."

Police say there was no struggle before the shooting.

"Usually when the purse is given up, or even if the purse is not given up, we haven't had any that have been shot," says Inspector Kris Arneson with the Minneapolis Police Department.

The shooting happened on a Saturday night, just before 10 p.m., within two blocks of several popular night spots.
Here's the KSTP News report: "Shooting highlights Uptown crime trend".

The incident happened after two men approached the 25-year-old's mother and ordered her to give over her purse; she did and the men still shot her son in the head.

Police say the man's condition is very grave.

The incident is one of many in the area as of lately. Between March 7th-13th there were nine other robberies on record in the area; and so far this year there have been over 100 robberies; thats up 43 percent. There have also been 17 reported rapes and two murders.
Will the people of Minneapolis call for change? If this doesn't do it, I don't know what will.