Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Culture of Corruption

Moving along from from the Minneapolis culture of crime to the Minneapolis culture of corruption.

Many of you may have seen seen my Minneapolis liberal criminal's list (here), and my previous stories on the corruption in the Minneapolis City Council, and more specifically Councilman Zimmerman, of whom today's Red Star story is about: "Details of City Hall bribery case get airing today".

Gary A. Carlson once alerted Minneapolis police that his older brother planned to set fire to Carlson's bar to collect a share of the insurance money. The brother, who was caught leaving Gary's Pub just after a fire was set, went to jail for a year.

Nearly three decades later, Carlson played informant again, this time in a case that has drawn far more scrutiny -- a corruption scandal at Minneapolis City Hall [Ed. - Just the latest].
It keeps getting uglier.

Carlson's role last year in helping the FBI investigate Dean Zimmermann, who at the time was a City Council member, is expected to come into sharper focus today at a court hearing on the bribery allegations. Zimmermann's attorney is seeking more information about Carlson -- a real estate developer and the unnamed "cooperating witness" who assisted the FBI.

The two men are the central figures in a case that rocked City Hall.

The case also cast a shadow over Zimmermann two months before he faced voters in November -- an election that he narrowly lost. Now there are hints that the case may be widening.
There's a lot of detail in this latest story by David Chanen and David Furst of the Red Star, too much to summarize here, but, in short, it's not pretty.

Will we continue to tolerate the culture of corruption of liberals, and the culture of crime allowed to fester by liberals in Minneapolis?