Saturday, March 25, 2006

Anger In Uptown

Anger is the best antidote to crime (that's why conservatives are better at crime control than liberals - we're angry all the time!).

If there's no anger, no outrage, no insult to the conscience, then criminals will have the upper hand. The Uptown murder of Michael Zebuhr has struck a chord in a way we haven't seen for some time.

For those of you not familiar with the area, Uptown, Minneapolis is ground zero of liberalism. It's significant if you can get the peacenik, liberal, fuzzy-thinking Democrats stirred to action over real crime (as opposed to perceived crime).

Fellow MOB member and self-described converted Republican pinkmonkeybird lives in the Uptown area, and has some observations about the crime scene and an upcoming vigil (tonight!). It's not clear whether the police will provide armament, or if you're expected to bring your own. See JB Doubtless with questions.

KSTP News reports that Uptown residents are starting crime patrols:

In response to the March 18 killing of Michael Zebuhr, many Uptown residents are adopting crime prevention techniques learned from nearby neighborhoods.

A program in the Lyndale neighborhood has placed citizen patrols on the streets for 15 years, and will soon be expanded to include more Uptown areas.

"Where we are, they aren't," says Michael Montrose, an original member of the walking squad and a Vietnam veteran.

Nearly 200 people have signed up for the increased patrols.
The Mayor should take note. This activity is indicative of the fear and anxiety many Minneapolis citizens are feeling. The savage murder of Mr. Zebuhr has activated the sense of self-preservation in Uptown residents who have dismissed prior Uptown violence as an anomoly.

The fallout of this crime is significant, and the Mayor and Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar need to take proactive steps to rid the city of the criminal scum.

WCCO News reports that Uptown businesses are hiring their own security:

Some businesses in the area are preparing for the first weekend since Michael Zebuhr, 25, was shot during a robbery attempt.

The businesses are hiring off-duty police officers to patrol neighborhood streets where visitors park.
So this is where it stands. Remember, the criminals are still out there. Take heed, remain alert, and stay safe if you must visit the city.

If The Watcher, pinkmonkeybird, or anyone else who attends the vigil and can recap it in an email to, I'll post it later. I'm interested to know the tone of the meeting - I'm hoping for white-hot anger and a steeled resolve to crush the criminal element, but I fear that might not be the case.