Thursday, March 23, 2006

Two of Three Uptown Murder Suspects Released

From a 3/23/06 Minneapolis Police Media Advisory:

Contact: Ron Reier, Minneapolis Police Department, 612-673-2995

Two of the Three Arrested Released………..

(Minneapolis, MN March 23, 2006) Two of the three people arrested for their involvement in the March 21st incident have been released from custody pending further investigation. All three were believed to be involved in a low speed pursuit and three handguns were recovered.

· Aiesha Camille WILLIAMS, DOB: 02-09-1983, 1301 Highway 7, Apt #127, Hopkins remains in custody and was criminally charged with “Fleeing”.

· James Michael WALKER, DOB: 08-22-1978, 2938 Morgan Avenue North, Minneapolis and Omari Kwakou THOMAS, DOB: 08-16-1978, 2920 Northway Drive, Brooklyn Park, have been released from custody pending further investigation.

This case will require further investigation. At this point, no connection is being made linking this case to any other case being investigated.

Mug shot is available on WILLIAMS, but not WALKER or THOMAS..

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This means the bad guys are still out there.

Also, Fox 9 Televison News at 5:30 reports an arrest of several Somalis by undercover officers. Masks and at least one gun recovered in their vehicle.

More on this story later.