Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Rest In Peace

Rest in Peace, Mr. Zebuhr. Now the hunt is on to find your killers.

The Minneapolis Police attended a community meeting yesterday in the Uptown area and tried to convince residents the area is still safe. Meanwhile, newly elected City Councilman Ralph Remington and the residents of the area have solutions to violent animals running wild in the streets of Minneapolis: Better lighting and "community action".

Minneapolis City Councilman Ralph Remington said, “This is a safe community - we know it's a safe community. But when acts like this happen, we have to get on top of it."
I'm not so sure that's true, Mr. Remington. There are cold-blooded killers running loose, and if you think the criminals who killed Mr. Zebuhr are the only ones out there, you're mistaken.

Carl Holmquist called for a moment of silence.

“I just want to make sure that's the focus," Holmquist said. "Somebody died. Somebody's loved one died … and that's what we gotta remember first … and hopefully that family will get some justice."
You're right on the money, Mr. Holmquist. Let's hope that justice comes sure and swift.