Friday, August 19, 2005

Fair is fair

Rambix and the Red Star exists essentially for the sole purpose of exposing the Red Star for it's propaganda, attempted mind-control, and unabashed liberalism. That said, we will acknowledge the rare occasion when they do something right. Today was such a day.

Right alongside yet another tiresome Cindy Sheehan article, on the bottom of the front page, is a story titled "A mother objects to Sheehan's protest" by reporter Eric Black. To wit:

Cindy Sheehan's protest vigil outside the Bush ranch is "a slap in the face" to the soldiers who have been killed in Iraq, in the opinion of Marny Fasnacht, whose son Michael died in Iraq.

Like Sheehan's son, Ms. Fasnacht's son gave his life for the cause of freedom:

Michael Fasnacht, 25, of Mankato, believed the mission was about defending freedom, spreading democracy and defeating terrorism, said Marny Fasnacht, 58, of Janesville.

To suggest that he chose to risk his life for a cause that was neither noble nor necessary feels to Fasnacht like an insult to his intelligence.
Unlike Ms. Sheehan, Ms. Fasnacht seems to have some common sense:

It upsets her that "some Americans take their freedom for granted and enjoy it but don't think about the people that are standing in the gap, defending their freedom," she said.
Kudos to the Red Star for providing a story from another persepective to provide much-needed balance. If you did this all the time, you would likely increase your readership exponentially, as well as become an intellectual resource.