Sunday, June 26, 2005

Nexus of political correctness and the homosexual agenda

We know that the Red Star loves the fringes of society. Deviant lifestyles, homosexuality, left-wing "activists", communists, criminals, socialists and others are celebrated within its pages (In case anyone thinks this is hyperbole, evidence is found throughout Rambix' previous posts). The Red Star seems particularly eager to promote the "normalization" of homosexuality and the homosexual lifestyle.

The Red Star accomplishes the illusion of normality by running an inordinate number of stories about homosexuals, without highlighting their sexual preference. Instead, they will typically run a story about something completely unrelated, then casually mention the subject's "partner". Or some other clue. So now the mature reader can determine the person is a homosexual, but their lifestyle "is not an issue". It's as normal as any nuclear family, the Strib would have us believe.

Sometimes homosexuality is the focus of the story, as in yesterday's (6/25/05) edition where the Red Star hit a home run when the nexus of two of their favorite subjects, homosexuals and minorities, were combined into one. They printed a massive story in the Variety section about a gay American Indian. He is, of course, portrayed as a sympathetic figure. What is most troubling is that he is portrayed as a person who leads a lifestyle as normal as any of us.

Rambix is concerned about this growing trend of the MSM attempting to normalize deviant, or previously socially unacceptable behavior. We don't argue that some parents will accept this, and don't mind if their children are exposed to it, but there are many parents who want to teach this in their own way, and not have their young, impressionable children learn about it from the major paper in Minnesota.

This is another sign of society's rapid descent into acceptance of "alternative" and many times hedonistic lifestyles, that many people disagree with. The pernicious and frequent display of this subject matter cannot be good for the traditional family. Rambix and the Red Star will attempt to create awareness of this and other contentious issues.