Monday, April 03, 2006

"Horrible moment" in Minneapolis

The Red Star editors feel the murder of Alan D. Reitter on Friday night near Block E in Minneapolis was a "horrible moment".

Was it also a "horrible moment" when Michael Zebuhr was killed in Uptown?

Here's the Red Star article: "An ordinary night ends in a horrible moment".

The first stop for Alan D. Reitter and his four friends was the Refuge Bar & Grill in downtown Minneapolis' Warehouse District.

They got there about 8 p.m., and after a few drinks and a lot of talking, the fivesome left about 11:30 p.m.

They were walking along S. 6th Street when Abby Phillips, 27, of Maple Grove, froze.

"I thought I heard fireworks," she said. Only when she saw people running did it dawn on her to take cover. As she dropped to the ground, "I saw him lying on the ground," she said.

There's that high risk activity again.

Might I suggest a different headline for the Red Star article? How about "Another innocent slaughtered in Minneapolis"?

Interestingly, the Online edition or the Red Star seems to be morphing their headline to: "Ordinary night ends in horror".

Have they been reading Rambix?